Tejido - Professional Manufacturer - Leader in Stainless Steel Mesh and Processed Filter Products

Tejido is a basic weaver and professional manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh, filter cloth and wire screen in various grades of stainless steel materials, including but not limited to AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

We supply Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh/ Cloth for fine filtration and sieving/sifting use, mainly Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh, Fine Mesh, Micro Wire Mesh, Wire Cloth and Filter Cloth in various weaving styles. Woven Wire Mesh basic aperture ranges from 5.00 to 0.028mm (equivalent to 1mesh per inch to 500mesh per inch), also 3.5mm to 5mm (filter cloth 28# to 1250# of China National Professional Standard). This is the featured product of Tejido.

Tejido also supplies Stainless Steel Mesh made from welding, sintering, expanding and perforating, and creative weaves. Namely, welded wire mesh, sintered mesh (three layer or five layer), expanded metal, perforated metal, etc.

The woven wire mesh and cloth can be processed into baskets, discs, pleated cylinders or candles for specific uses. Tejido processed filter products include: filter discs, pleated candle filter cartridge, extruder screen, wedge wire screen, etc.

Besides, we also supply various metal mesh fabrics, like brass mesh, copper mesh and nickel mesh, etc.

A Quick View of Tejio Popular Metal Mesh Products:

Stainless Steel Filter Cloth
Stainless Steel Mesh Made of Weaving: Chief Filter Media: A wide range of filtration rating can be achieved by changing of wire weaving method, wire diameter and mesh counts. Can be processed into discs and pleated elements, test sieves and extruder screens. Widely used in particle filtration.
Welded Square Hole Hardware Cloth
Square Wire Mesh Made through Spot Welding of Arranged Wires. Wire mesh panels used popularly in construction with free wires over panels for convenient uses.
Crimped Wire Screen
Wire Mesh Woven with Pre-crimped Wire, for Quarry Screen or Heavy Screening Uses
Five Layer Sinterd Stainless Steel Laminate
5 Layer Sintered Stainless Steel Porous Filter Media with Support layer, filter control layer, disperse layer and reinforcing layer: Easily processed into various shapes according to demand. Precision filtration can be achieved in liquid and gas filters.
Perforated Metal Sheet
Stainless steel sheet can be perforated into various openings.
Stainless Steel Filter Disc
Woven Wire Mesh processed filters: disc packs

Wire mesh pleated filters can be made with either woven wire cloth, or sintered wire mesh as filter media. Candle filter elements for cartridge system used in polymer chemical and other industry.With ss perforated pipe for sleeves and for inner support.

Looking for LONg Term partners

We work with our customers by supplying standard and customized mesh products, OEM production of stainless steel products.

We have exported to Singapore, Australia, USA, Japan and many customers. If you have any special requriements, we are glad to help and to become long term business partner. If you need any additional info please do not hesitate to contact us.

Project Name: Spare Screen Mesh
Technical Details: 304,316, stainless steel.
40x40 mesh type 316 screen.
40X40 mesh type 304 screen
Material : SS316 SS304.
More information about mesh parts for shaker screen

Popular Weaving and PROCESSING

Wire Woven Mesh/Cloth in Stainless Steel: Mainly for Filter and Screening Uses:
Stainless steel woven wire mesh with equal mesh count horizontally or vertically has a square opening, hence also called square opening mesh, or single layer woven wire. Square meshes come as a result of Plain or Twilled weave. Other solid opening types can be achieved by Dutch weave method.

The most commonly used types of weaving applied for stainless steel mesh:
plain weave
twill weave
Dutch plain weave
Dutch twill weave

Sheet Metal Mesh in Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel rigid mesh or screen can also be made via deforming of stainless steel sheet/plate. Sintered wire mesh is made by vacuum sintering. Perforated stainless steel is made with punching or slotting, can be used for filter support tubes or architectural panels. The expanded stainless steel sheet is made by raising or expanding of the metal plate, used for guarding, fencing and construction.

Tejido Technical Info

Choice Materials for Weaving Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:
We use stainless steel wire materials that meet China’s national standard: GB/T4240-93. Also American standard and other countries. AISI ss 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L and more...More

Creative Woven Wire Mesh Fabrics:
Creative weave metal fabrics are mostly used as decorative mesh curtains, claddings or drapery for high grade building and architectural designs. Unlike common woven types, creative weave products emphasize on the beautiful design effect and seek an appealing to the aesthetic sense. More

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We suggest that you specify the materials, wire diameter, mesh counts, aperture, weaving requirements, roll width and length and uses.

We offer a large amount of AISI 304 316L stainless steel wire mesh cloth in various sizes, if you need to inspect quality, we will send some samples as soon as possible in these sizes. More ordering info

product applications

Stainless steel wire mesh (SS316) cloth for standard mesh sieves making

Stainless steel Dutch wire cloth for water filtration

Stainless steel wire mesh for vibratory sieves and other sifting applications.