Five-Heddle Dutch Woven Wire Mesh Filter Belt

Weaving Method: Five Heddle Weave is one of the multi-heddle weaving pattern, features a smooth top surface and an open lower surface of the woven wire mesh. This type of woven filter mesh is ideal to conduct accurate filteration under high mechanical strength. Popular meshes are 108x59mesh, 110x60mesh and 38x38mesh. Forms of supply are filter belts or strips. Served industries include aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, processing and chemical industry.

Weaving Pattern Illustration

Material for Five Heddle Weaving: Stainless steel wire SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316 or SUS316L

Standard roll size: Rolll width is 1m or 48" while standard roll length is 30m or 100'.

Packing: Wrapped with moister-proof paper, then in wooden cases.

Uses: Stainless Steel five-heddle woven wire cloth is mainly used for acid, alkali sieve, filter for chemical fiber industr and various gas, liquid filtration and separation of other media.

Common Specifications of Five-Heddle Dutch Weave:

Meshes per inch (25.4mm)
Warp x Weft
Wire Diameter
Aperture (mm)
Warp x Weft
Open Area
108 X 59 0.160 0.075 X 0.271 20 1.07
110 X 60 0.160 0.071 X 0.263 19 1.09
38 X 38 0.150 0.518 X 0.518 60 0.43