Galvanized Square Hole Wire Mesh / Netting, Plain Woven, Electro Galvanized or Hot Dipped Galvanized, Round Wire Woven or Crimped Wire Weaving

Galvanized Wire Mesh is woven of selected plain steel wire in square opening, normally by plain weave. It offers precise construction, uniform opening, excellent corrosion and rust resistance. The surface treatment for galvanized wire mesh is electro galvanized or hot dipped zinc plated. Both available for customers' choice according to demand. Galvanized wire mesh can be made galvanized before weaving or after weaving.

Supplying Forms: Cut into mesh discs or packed in rolls.
Wire Materials: Mild steel or iron wire. Wire diameter:BWG12# to BWG24#.

*Flexible, easy to shape
* Variety of opening sizes
*Rolls, sheets or panels, and cut-to-size
*Available in small opening sizes
*Selection of normal round wire weave or crimped styles
*Strength, durability

Application: Galvanized crimped wire mesh is widely used as sieve and filters in the mine, coal, grain sifting, etc. Flat surface galvanized wire mesh is used as window screening, safety guards on machinery enclosures.

Galvanized Square Hole Wire MeshGalvanized Square Wire Mesh Window Screen

Specification of Galvanized Wire Mesh, Plain Woven, Square Opening:

Mesh Wire Dia.(mm) Aperture(mm)
2meshx2 mesh wire dia.1.60 11.10
4meshx4 mesh wire dia.1.0 5.35
6meshx6 mesh wire dia.0.80 3.43
8meshx8 mesh wire dia.0.60 2.57
10meshx10 mesh wire dia.0.50 2.04
12meshx12 mesh wire dia.0.50 1.61
16meshx16 mesh wire dia.0.40 1.18
20meshx20 mesh wire dia.0.30 0.97
30meshx30 mesh wire dia.0.23 0.62
40meshx40 mesh wire dia.0.21 0.43
50meshx50 mesh wire dia.0.19 0.32
60meshx60 mesh wire dia.0.15 0.27