How to Order Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

General Terms to Identify Wire Mesh (including stainless steel mesh):

Mesh Counts : Number of openings for linear count, measures of center the center of the parallel wires. Most wire mesh fabric manufacturers adopt the English count, 25,40 mm, that is per inch, as standard.

The classifications of mesh opening in German, French and metric, respectively based in the number of openings in 26,16 mm, 27,77 mm and 10,00 mm.

Wire Diameters: It is given in numbers BWG (Birminghan Wire Gauge) for being the fieira most used for the manufacturers of wire mesh, to make sure if the wire diameter is measured correctly. AWG (American wire gauge) or Brown & Sharpeis gauge is also applied.

The followings are necessary important information for a complete specification of the stainless steel wire mesh:

1.Material: Stainless Steel (AISI, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321). Other metals such as galvanized steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, monel, bronze can also be woven into wire mesh and wire cloth.

2.Type of Wire Mesh Opening or Aperture: Squared Stainless Steel Wire Mesh or Rectangular, Dutch Woven, etc.

3.Mesh: Parallel wire numbers for linear count.

4.Wire Diameter: Better in millimeters.

5.Wire Mesh Dimensions: Length and width. Standard roll size: Standard width: 1m or 48"; standard roll length: 30m or 100'.

6.Finishing and Supplied Form of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh: Folded, cut, framed, etc.

7.Packing: Wrapped with moister-proof paper, then in wooden cases.