Nickel Wire Mesh

The nickel wire mesh is made by advanced vacuum melting process, by forging, rolling, annealing drawing and weaving. We use quality nickel wire Ni200, Ni201. The wire diameter ranges from 0.025mm-0.6mm packed in Coil or Spool. The nickel wire is produced in accordance to Standard ASTM B160/B162, AISI,DIN, or GB etc.

Forms of Supply: We supply expanded nickel mesh and woven nickel wire mesh. Woven nickel wire is mainly introduced in this page.

Nickel wire woven mesh: 20mesh--200mesh.

Uses: Nickel wire mesh is temperature resisting(1000 Celsius degrees), acid resisting, alkali resisting. The products are used in electric apparatus, chemical machinery and battery.

Expanded Nickel Sheet with Diamond OpeningSmall Coil Nickel Wire MeshNickel Wire Cloth Ni200 Nickel Wire Spool

Technical Information of Nickel Wire:

The Composition of  Ni200 and Ni201

Material Ni+Co Fe C Mn Si Cu S
Ni200 >99 0.4 0.15 0.35 0.35 0.25 0.01
Ni201 >99 0.4 0.02 0.35 0.32 0.25 0.01

The Chemanical Properties

Material Tensile Stength(min) MPa Yield Strength(min) MPa Elongation
Ni200 345~415 70~170 40~60
Ni201 415~585 105~310 35~55

Specification of Nickel Wire Mesh, Woven Type:


Wire Diameter(mm)
20 0.18
40 0.15
60 0.12
80 0.10
100 0.08
120 0.07
140 0.07
160 0.055
180 0.05
200 0.05
124x84 0.08