Perforated Metal Sheet and Panel Cladding

Perforated sheet contains holes and margins. Open area is the total area of the holes divided by the total area of the sheet and is expressed as a percent. Open area describes how much of the sheet is occupied by the holes. The open area and the hole shapes make the two important factors for the applications of the perforated sheet. In other word, there are a variety of hole shapes and open rating for various uses.

Stainless steel plate. Other materials such as low carbon steel or aluminum also available.

Stainless steel perforated metal is punched into various patterns. It is winding resistant, ageing resistant and corrosion resistant. The surface of the sheet metal is smooth, it is strong and durable.

Hole Patterns including:
Round; Rectangular hole; Square; Triangle; Diamond; Hexagonal; Cross; Slotted; and other patterns according to your drawings or application requirement.

Stainless steel perforated metal is used as acoustics panels, security screens, air-condition units, radiator covers, wall cladding, display units and so on.

Stainless Steel Round Hole Perforated Metal CladdingDecorative Hole Perforated Plate

Perforated Stainless Steel with Round Hole, Used as Facade Cladding/ Decorative Hole Perforated Metal for Radiator and Various Covers

Perforated Stainless Steel ChairsSlotted Metal Panels

Punched Metal for Making of Chair and Furnitures with Good Strength and Ventilation / Slotted Perforated Plate for Acoustic Screen Uses