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Stainless steel wire mesh pleated filter elements / cartridges are made of micron opening woven wire cloth or sintered wire mesh or sintered fiber web. The pleated filter cartridge has a shape of candle which is long and thin, hence also called candle filter element. This type of filter is made with single or double layer of pleated woven wire mesh as filter layer, perforated metal tube as support layer, welded together with bolts and caps on both ends. Some pleated filters are made without perforated metal support layer.

Pleated Filter Media:
The main Filter media for Pleated Filter Elements are THREE TYPES: Stainless steel sintered fiber web (introduced below), sintered wire mesh and stainless steel woven wire mesh.

Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Web is a kind of durable and pleatable 316L stainless steel filter medium, sintered into a graded pore structure. Sintered fiber web can be made with an graduated aperture configuration. This stainless steel filter media enjoy the advantages of high porosity rate, more filtration area, high dirt holding capacity and can be repeatedly used.

Stainless steel candle filter elements enjoy the characteristics of long life span, fine filtration rate, easy cleaning, easy replacement, low pressure drop, low cost, etc.
The pleated filter cartridge allows more filtration area and more dirt holding capacity.
Made of quality stainless steel material, it has high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
The pleated filters can be cleaned by several methods and can be reused repeatedly to save cost. The cleaning methods include chemical cleaning, high temperature calcinations, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Uses: Stainless steel filter elements are used for filtering of hot gas, vapor, liquid filtration, widely used as air filter or liquid filter in chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, pharmaceutics, machinery, metallurgy, ceramics, dispose of sewage, foodstuff and beverage, cosmetic etc.

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