Stainless Steel Decorative Wire Mesh - Facades and Curtains - Brass, Copper and Other Metal Materials Available

Tejido offers creative fabricated Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Architecture and Design combines functionality with high aesthetic features. Types include ring mesh curtains and drapery. Unlike traditional plain weaving types, creative weaving metal fabrics are combination of metal wire (crimped or flat wire) with metal rods. This metal fabric with decorative designs opens new perspectives to creative design and allow for fascinating architectural solutions. Due to their multiple functional and aesthetic qualities, the decorative meshes are suitable for various applications in architecture and interior design.

Our decorative mesh fabrics/panels can be used as facade screen for various constructions and parking garage, playing the role of decoration, sound absorption and sun protection. Metal decorative mesh can be made in extra long panels which can be taut from grand floor to the roof. Unusual facade designs can be realized.

Another major use of the decorative mesh is metal mesh curtains for hotels, rooms, showers and other spacing.

Decorative mesh can be supplied in stainless steel, also brass, copper, silver, gold and other metals.

Decorative Mesh DraperyMetal Facade Mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh Used as Hanging Partition Drapery / Building Facade Screen Against Sunlight

Creative Weaving Metal FabricsWire Rope and Rod Weaving Fabric

Metal Decorative Fabric Used as Room Curtains / Wire Rope and Rod Composition for Architectural Wall Decoration