Plain Weave Pattern Twill Weave Pattern Reverse Dutch Weave Type
Plain Weave Wire Mesh:
Square Hole/Aperture Woven Wire Mesh. Simple Weaving. Maximum Square Opening. Thin Fabric.
Twill Weave Wire Mesh:
Square Hole/Opening woven wire fabric. Complicated than plain weave. Thicker than plain weave.
Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Mesh:
Big opening rate allows fine filtration. Popular materials as extruder screen and filter screen in plastic and rubber industries.
Dutch Plain Weave Pattern Dutch Twill Weave Types Five-Heddle Dutch Weave Pattern
Dutch Plain Weave Wire Mesh:
Thicker and stronger filter cloth compared with Plain Weave. Suitable for high pressure filtering.
Dutch Twill Weave Wire Mesh:
Greater density and strength compared with Twill Weave. A combination of Twilled weave with Holland weave.
Five-Heddle Dutch Woven Cloth:
Strongest among Multi-heddle weavings.